Shifty's chop shop

Shifty's is the shop that contains karts. Getting you choose from 8 crates, these crates contain karts. Some of these are slow. and Some are really fast. And 1 is mysterious.

Shifty owns the shop. At the first, you get to choose free cars. But, all of these cars are not fast. Until your free trial at shifty's end. You will get any kart. Then shifty will say that you might get a firenzo. When you get there the next time.

If you want to choose karts again, instead of free daily. You will need 8 cash to pick any kart. If you get the wrong kart, don't worry. You can change the karts up to 6 times by paying 4 cash each time you want to change it.

If the karts are not intresting, you can change the shipment list for 2 cash to get another set of cars.


  • The shop is named after the owner, Shifty.
  • In your free trial, it's impossible to get any fast karts. You might get the first 3 karts. Which is Eye-Que, Flux or Bug.
  • You will not get a free trial daily.
  • If you look closely, you can see a body in the roof. This might be a hint to the dark nature of his shop.